NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — 10 On Your Side first told you about a Norfolk landscaper who was shot on the job in an attempted carjacking in July on Springmeadow Blvd.

Now, we’re hearing from the man’s girlfriend about his recovery.

The man who did not want us to use his name or face on camera was shot three times while at a job site on July 15. His girlfriend said she remembers being concerned about the heat that day. She never imagined the love of her life would end up in the emergency room with multiple gunshot wounds.

“Everything happened really fast,” said the man’s girlfriend, Michelle.

Michelle, who requested we only use her first name, is doing all she can to stay positive after the events on July 15.

“I remember telling them to take water, I was worried about the heat. Take water, make sure you drink water, and be safe out there. This was not what I expected,” Michelle recalled.

Her boyfriend who runs his own landscaping company was hired to cut the lawn of a home for sale on Springmeadow Blvd. He and his 17-year-old nephew had just gotten to the site.

“His nephew told him that there were some kids playing in his truck and he thought it was children. When he walked around, he realized it wasn’t and then somewhere between then and him going to run, they started shooting,” Michelle explained.

The suspects ran back to their own vehicle and continued firing.

“He was able to throw some bush trimmers apparently at the car then turned to run away, but was shot three times,” Michelle stated.

The suspect’s back windshield shattered as they escaped. Michelle’s boyfriend was then met by neighbors who heard him shouting for help.

“The first bullet they believe was close range through his hip, the second bullet was through the side of his right knee as he was turning to run and the third bullet was in the back of his calf. That one was lodged and had to be surgically removed,” Michelle said.

Michelle tells us doctors expect a full recovery, but the process could take six months to one year.

“He wants to be able to work again, he wants to be able to walk again and just get back to normal. This was a horrible crime and he’s doing everything he can to recover,” Michelle explained.

The shooting has also taken a mental toll. Michelle says July 15 was her nephew’s first day on the job.

“They’re both about to get into counseling. We’re working with the hospital and a community health worker,” Michelle said.

Norfolk police say they haven’t made any arrests as they continue to investigate.

Michelle has started a GoFundMe for her family to help with monthly bills while her boyfriend recovers from his wounds.