NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A Norfolk landscaper was shot three times after thieves tried stealing his truck with all his equipment while he was mowing the lawn.

10 On Your Side has learned that the man chased the thieves down when he noticed them poking around his truck and continued to run after them after he was shot in both legs.

“We heard a bunch of pops. I was outside with my 8-month-old,” said Jessica Bancroft-Tuck.

Bancroft-Tuck was sitting in her front yard, and at first, thought a car backfired until she heard more gunshots and then she ushered her kids to the back of the house.

“It was literally a one-house difference from ours. Definitely a scary moment,” Bancroft-Tuck recalled.

She watched from her front window as a newer white Lexus with tinted windows sped off. The passengers were firing down the 1800 block of Springmeadow Blvd. in Hunt Club Point.

That’s when Bancroft-Tuck heard a man shouting for help.

“I was in pajamas and ran down there. It’s a mother’s nature. I have lots of children so it would’ve been wrong if I didn’t,” Bancroft-Tuck explained.

A local landscaper was running after the car and bleeding from both legs. Bancroft-Tuck says he was shot three times.

“On the left side of the calf, once in the right hip and then the lower right leg,” Bancroft-Tuck motioned.

She and another neighbor used a boxcutter to cut up the man’s pants are applied a tourniquet.

“I have six children so after you have that many kids, you kind of learn what to do in an emergency; instincts just kick in,” Bancroft-Tuck told 10 On Your Side.

In talking to the man, she found out he was cutting the grass of the house for sale two doors down, turned around and saw four men in masks breaking into his truck and trailer. He ran to stop them, even taking his weed whacker and smashing it into the suspect’s back windshield. He was ultimately shot, but still tried running after the thieves.

Another neighbor’s Ring camera picked up the commotion.

“It’s sad that a neighborhood that you choose to live in that’s known for being safe and a good school district is targeted like that,” Bancroft-Tuck stated.

She says the man is lucky to be alive.

“He did pretty well for being shot three times. That doesn’t happen every day. I just hope they catch whoever did it,” Bancroft-Tuck said.

Norfolk police are still investigating the shooting and took evidence from the scene. A neighbor tells us Hunt Club Point is usually peaceful but the last few nights she’s noticed people coming by and checking car doors.