NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY)—Travelers at Norfolk International Airport can now walk around the airport and fly without a mask on. 

However, the changes are not immediate when it comes to mask guidance inside the building.

An automated audio message reminding passengers masks are required by federal law was still running as of Monday afternoon.

When it came to travelers, 10 On Your Side saw about a 50/50 split between those choosing to let go of the mask, and those choosing to keep it on.

A North Carolina woman at the airport said she’s happy people now have a choice.

“I think we’re at that place where we should be able to move forward… We fly back and forth to Nebraska about twice year, and I just dropped off my mom and my daughter so they can fly out there and they were pretty happy. My mom has COPD and it’s really hard for her to wear a mask,” said Denise Ginn.

On the other hand, some weren’t quite ready to peel the mask off and were worried it could lead to another COVID-19 surge.

“My thoughts are I just still believe in it’s just me personally, I think until everything gets under control and they have more of a handle on the virus, I think we should mask up because being at the airport everyone is flying from different states, so I feel it’s a whole big mixing pool,” said Virginia Beach resident Lisa Alexander.

Outside of people coming in to travel, the restrictions for workers differ.

TSA workers at Norfolk International Airport told 10 On Your Side that their masks are required until May 3. Then, Both American and United workers say their masks will be optional.

TSA released a statement yesterday which said, in part, “CDC continues to recommend that people wear masks in indoor public transportation settings at this time. “

A Biden administration official said the agencies are reviewing the decision and accessing potential next steps. 

We reached out to our local TSA spokesperson, who said they weren’t doing interviews as it’s pending litigation.