NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A Norfolk couple is looking for answers after someone stole a tree right from their front yard.

Zach and Morgan Teslovich say it happened around 4:45 a.m. this past Wednesday. In less than 60 seconds, a man took a shovel to the Teslovich’s front yard, dug up their palm tree and ran off with it.

“Every time I watch that video, it hits me in the gut again. I just can’t believe it happened,” Zach Teslovich told 10 On Your Side.

Zach Teslovich was running late for work that morning and didn’t immediately check his phone, but what he saw on his way out the door stopped him in his tracks: a big hole in the yard and the tree nowhere to be found.

“I was just surprised. That’s the last thing I think someone would take. We always have that light on and we have the camera right there, so it’s not really secretive by any means. We’re trying to start a new tradition for our family and they took it away from us,” Zach Teslovich explained.

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The couple moved into their home a few months ago and wanted to do something special.

“My wife and I got married on Earth Day in 2019 and we wanted to start a new tradition of planting a new tree every year on our anniversary, and that’s why we planted this palm tree,” Zach Teslovich stated.

The pair planted the palm six months ago. After posting on Nextdoor and hearing from neighbors, they have their assumptions. Maybe a landscaper stole the tree for profit.

(Photo courtesy: Teslovich family)

They just want the culprit caught.

“I can’t think of anyone else who would have some kind of motivation to steal a palm tree,” Zach Teslovich said.

To whoever stole the palm, Zach Teslovich has a message.

“You took something from my family, something that was important to us,” Zach Teslovich stated.

The Tesloviches say they hope to plant another tree on their anniversary next year — this time in a less conspicuous spot.