UPDATE 9 p.m. April 26, 2022: Norfolk City Council on Tuesday voted 6-1 with one member absent to approve the retirement compensation for former Police Chief Larry Boone. The one member voting against the compensation with Councilman Tommy Smigiel, who said he “didn’t agree with the way it was handled” and it should have been “addressed in a pay and compensation plan.:

The compensation item for the assistant chief was removed from the agenda, a clerk announced during the meeting. It was not considered nor voted on.

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Norfolk City Council is set to vote Tuesday on two compensation packages for retiring top brass in the Norfolk Police Department.

The compensation documents appear on Tuesday’s City Council agenda. Neither document names the employee in question, but gives their job title.

While news of Norfolk Police Chief Larry Boone’s end-of-April retirement has been publicized by the department, the documents also mention that an assistant police chief will be retiring as well. This is the first time this other retirement has been revealed publicly.

Multiple sources within the Norfolk Police Department confirmed to 10 On Your Side that Assistant Police Chief T.C. Williams is the other retirement.

Both retirements are effective April 30, although Boone’s last day leading the department was April 8.

The compensation packages under consideration would give $307,931 to Boone and $179,494 to Williams. They would be paid under the Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP)

Documents state the compensation will be paid in a lump sum and be treated as “supplemental wages for tax purposes.” The compensation will not alter the retirees’ entitlement to their normal service retirement benefits through the Norfolk Employees’ Retirement System.

Norfolk city documents state the DROP benefit for public safety employees allows them to “remain in active service for up to four (4) years while accruing a reduced retirement benefit.” When they leave service, the retirement benefit is paid out in a lump sum.

According to documents, the compensation lump sums were calculated based on if the chief and assistant chief had entered the Deferred Retirement Option Program on May 1, 2022 — the first day of retirement for both employees — and participated in the program for the maximum allowed period of four years.

In a text Monday night, City Manager Dr. Chip Filer confirmed a public safety officer must announce their intent to join the program ahead of time.

“You get 70% of your contribution each year for 4 years then you must retire,” Filer said. “Chiefs, deputy chiefs and assistant chiefs are a bit different in that it is harder for them to announce they are entering DROP as it makes them a lame duck for four years. Therefore I believe that these folks should get a present value discounted lump sum when they are ready to retire.”

Typically, a DROP payout doesn’t need City Council approval.

Norfolk City Council is expected to vote on these compensation plans Tuesday. The council meeting is expected to start at 7 p.m.

Boone’s retirement was announced April 6 by the chief and City Manager Chip Filer.

The announcement came amid a rise in violence in the city. Boone released a statement that indicated the retirement was his decision, which was met with some doubt. Some sources that weren’t authorized to speak publicly on the situation said 10 On Your Side that Norfolk Mayor Kenny Alexander as well as other council members gave an ultimatum to Filer following recent violence.

Alexander has denied that an ultimatum was given.