NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Norfolk’s commonwealth’s attorney says officers were justified in the shooting of a man who fired multiple shots downtown in the Granby Street area back in February, two of which entered apartments.

“The police did in fact do the right thing,” Ramin Fatehi said in a press conference Tuesday morning.

Fatehi says Barry Carrington, who had a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit to drive, had fired 13 shots downtown that evening before he was ultimately confronted by multiple officers outside Grace O’Malley’s Irish Pub & Restaurant on Granby Street. Two of those shots had entered a living room and bedroom in two apartments on Randolph Street, Fatehi said.

“Had Mr. Carrington made better choices that night not to bring his gun out with him, not to mix guns with alcohol, not to shoot into the homes of innocent people, not to reload his gun outside of a crowded restaurant, and not to disobey the police’s totally reasonable commands that he drop his gun, and not to hide his gun from their view, he could’ve avoided committing a felony, getting shot, and causing harm to a passerby,” said Fatehi.

Fatehi’s office was in charge of reviewing details from a use-of-force investigation conducted by Virginia State Police. The investigation was conducted at the request of the Norfolk PD.

“It was [a question of] whether there were any criminal offenses that any of the officers committed here,” said Fatehi. “The answer is a clear no. The officers committed no crime. I will bring no charges because there are no charges to bring.”

Bodycam footage from one officer shows Carrington reloading the magazine on his gun outside the pub moments before he was shot four times. Police asked him multiple times before and after Carrington reloaded for him to drop the gun before they opened fire.

Fatehi praised the staff at Grace O’Malleys for bringing patrons to the back of the pub (which was shown on surveillance footage) and the police for waiting until patrons were out of the way to fire. Footage provided by the pub shows the police officers’ bullets go through the front of the pub.

Carrington was handcuffed first for safety after being shot and officers immediately started first aid, Fatehi said. He would survive bullet wounds to his left shoulder/arm and right leg.

Carrington was initially charged with two counts of shooting into an occupied dwelling and discharging a firearm in public.

Fatehi requested a special prosecutor for Carrington’s case. A special prosecutor from Newport News was assigned and Carrington later pleaded guilty to one count of maliciously shooting into an occupied dwelling. He served a six-month term from February to August for the felony charge.

The officers who shot Carrington were placed on administrative duty after the incident, and there are still processes they need to complete before they return to regular duty, Fatehi said.

Fatehi said one of the two officers who fired was on his fourth day on the job. The other officer who fired and another officer who responded were veterans on the force.

10 On Your Side received the full video of the events the night of February 12 that were presented during Tuesday’s news conference.
DISCLAIMER: The video below includes some graphic images.