PORTSMOUTH, VA. (WAVY) — Mike Provost’s Vessel Disposal & Reuse Foundation and his sponsors have pulled three more abandoned and derelict vessels out of Hampton Roads’ waterways. 

10 On Your Side has been tracking the story of the “Fantasy” which has been stuck in the Elizabeth River for months, but now is no longer the eyesore neighbors have been complaining about. 

“I’m ecstatic. I can’t believe Portsmouth now has a beautiful waterfront. We have looked forward to this for so long,” says Betty Hudgins and her Swimming Point Neighbors who have lived with this eyesore for months. 

“I mean, you get up in the morning and see this mess out here and it’s embarrassing.” 

Monday, the clanking sounds of H & H Enterprises’ Clam Shell Bucket Shovel started tearing up the Fantasy.  

H&H working with Mike Provost, and our 10 on Your Side Investigation, helped by finding the Fantasy’s owner.  

“Without WAVY’s assistance, I wouldn’t have been able to find the owner, and I have to have the owner’s permission before I proceed with these projects,” said Provost,

“That was hugely helpful. I spoke to that gentleman [the owner] on the phone, and I sent him a contract in 15 minutes, he signed it, and the very next day we pulled it out of the water.” 

Both vessels have been taken out of the Elizabeth River. 

“Our metrics have gone way off the chart this week. We removed 4 vessels this week…we have now removed 14 abandoned or derelict vessels, and that is over 175, 000 pounds of hazardous debris removed from our waterways, and we have recycled over 11,000 pounds of metal.” 

“It is nice to see your efforts applied to a project, and then see the results of that project succeed, and it is gratifying. I also think it is noteworthy that I am doing this as a volunteer, and this is truly a passion project.”