NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A local man was cited after trying to bring a loaded handgun on a flight at Norfolk International Airport on Tuesday, May 31. 

TSA officers stopped the man when his carry-on bags triggered an alarm at the security checkpoint.

Upon spotting the gun, TSA alerted the Norfolk Airport Authority Police, who responded to the checkpoint, confiscated a 9mm handgun and cited the man on a weapons violation.

The weapon had 10 bullets in it.

As of June 1, the case is with Norfolk Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office.

“When someone brings a loaded gun to a checkpoint, it is an accident waiting to happen,” said Robin “Chuck” Burke, TSA’s Federal Security Director for the airport. “The law regarding the prohibition of guns on planes has been in place for decades — long before TSA even existed. Responsible gun owners know this fact and know the proper way to transport a firearm for a flight.”

Firearms are only permitted in checked baggage if properly packaged and declared at the check in counter.

They must also be unloaded, packed in a hard-sided locked case, and stored separately from ammunition.

TSA list instructions on how to properly travel with a firearm here.

Each locality has it’s own firearm possession laws and airline passengers should make sure that they are not violating any local firearm laws while traveling.

Travelers should also reach out to Airlines prior to traveling with weapons.

Last year, almost 6,000 firearms were caught at airport security checkpoints nationwide.

Eighty-six percent of those guns were loaded.