NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — At 2 years old, Honesty Brehon loves spending time with her sister and grandmother. She can say “Stop,” “No,” “Yes,” “Grandma,” and “Give me some.”

In August 2020, family members worried Honesty would not live to see the next month. At 1 month old, she was severely injured outside her home after a suspected gang member opened fire, striking Honesty, her mother who was holding her, and three men.

Over a period of months, she slowly recovered but was left with permanent internal and external damage.

(Photo courtesy: Arkeda Brehon)

What police say was an AK-47 style weapon destroyed her reproductive system. She wears a colostomy bag, she has nerve damage to her eyes, one foot is deformed and she has only one hip. Honesty can crawl but she cannot walk.

Police say Kimahni Lankford, AKA “G-Stacks,” is responsible.

However, based on the outcome of a court hearing, he won’t be tried anytime soon.

“I had him evaluated. I didn’t know that the result would be, but I’m glad I had him evaluated because it came back as incompetent to stand trial,” said Eric Korslund, who is Lankford’s court-appointed attorney.

Kimahni Lankford/NPD

In a brief hearing, a circuit court judge ordered Lankford receive treatment so he can be restored to competency. It’s unlikely, however, that Honesty can be restored.

“She is going to have permanent injuries. Nobody should be the victim of gun violence, let alone a little child. It’s an absolute tragedy,” said Korslund.

Honesty (right) with her sister (Photo courtesy: Arkeda Brehon)

In a statement to 10 On Your Side, Honesty’s grandmother, Arkeda Brehon wrote: “Honesty has shown us that miracles do happen. What happened to Honesty…will forever be embedded in our minds, and as a result of the senseless and horrific act of the suspect.”

Lankford is due back in court on July 16 for another competency evaluation hearing.