NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – A local nonprofit is sponsoring a new type of training for members of local law enforcement, first responders, and the military to help process trauma.

It’s called ‘TRIP’ or Trauma Recovery Intervention Protocol and is a way to help people with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Nonprofit ‘Liberty Organization for Veterans and Emergency Responders’ is sponsoring the training for members of the Chesapeake and Portsmouth police departments.

The counselor who developed the program, who is also an Air Force veteran, says the training is the opposite of talk therapy because it’s designed for people who do not want to talk about their pain.

“So the Trauma Recovery Intervention Protocol was designed to quickly disconnect the negative emotions from the events, whatever those are…could be a car accident, could be the death of a loved one, could be combat, could be anything that would really cause someone to have significant psychological deficits like intrusive thoughts, flashbacks, nightmares,” said Dr. Janell Royster, who is the lead TRIP clinician.

Liberty Organization for Veterans and Emergency Responders got grant funding to provide the training to members of the two local police departments. The goal is for those who go through the training to be able to help other first responders.

Michael Murray, Founder and President of Liberty Organization for Veterans and Emergency Responders, said, “What it does is it separates emotions from experiences in the brain and it alleviates a lot of the symptoms of PTSD.”

Murray himself went through the training. He said, “It’s taken away all of the bad stuff. I sleep better, I focus more, my anger has gone way down because PTSD manifests itself in so many ways in your behaviors one you have it.”

You can learn more on the Liberty Organization for Veterans and Emergency Responders website.