NORFOLK, Va (WAVY) –  A woman born and raised in Hampton Roads is now the CEO of a Norfolk technology company.

She’s never forgotten her roots, and is now giving back to the community.

Her camp, Envision. Lead. Grow. is inspiring hundreds of young women. It is being hosted at Old Dominion University with the help of their entrepreneurial program. 

The girls are developing business plans, pitching ideas, and learning how to be leaders of tomorrow.

So many of these girls said they were nervous at first, but now they can say they are well on their way to go from little girls with dreams to women with vision.

Angela Reddix is the founder of the camp, which is in its second year of empowering middle school- aged girls.

“Middle school, that is the time in your life where you can walk through door A or door B, and it can change the trajectory of your life forever,” said Reddix

Thanks to Reddix, for 200 girls, this week may be when they choose their door, a door that leads to owning their own businesses.

“I thought I had to wait until like 20 to be able to actually do this, like I need a degree or something to do this. But like wow I can actually do this right now,” said Nina Collymore, who is attending for the second year.

She has her mind set on becoming a fashion designer.  This week at the camp she is learning what it takes to be a successful businesswoman.

“How to get my network out, who I was targeting, the type of people that I wanted to work with,’ said Collymore.

She is not the only one. After writing down what they admire about their role models, they began to realize their dreams could become a reality.

“You’re never too young to start your business. I’m just 13 years old and I already have a business called Clear Care,” said Kyndal Coulter, who is attending for the second year.

“In one day I’ve already learned that you can do what you want to do at a young age, it doesn’t’ really matter how old you are,” said Molly Gates, who is attending for the first time.

Angela says this camp not only encourages them to believe in themselves, but also builds women empowerment.

“Their self-efficacy has improved, they are just feeling stronger and that is going to help them in all parts of their lives,” Reddix said. 

Each of the girls will pitch their business ideas on Friday for a chance to win $500.

If you would like your child to participate next year, click here.