NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Norfolk Commonwealth’s Attorney Ramin Fatehi hosted a news conference Friday, Sept. 22 at 2:30 p.m. to announce his legal conclusions from his review of the June 2022 incident, regarding an officer-involved shooting of Antonio Beekman in the Larchmont area of Norfolk.

Live updates:

  • Fatehi said criminal fault resides in Beekman and not the police
  • Police acted in self-defense
  • Incident involved police use of force that resulted in the death of Antonio Beekman
  • Having reviewed evidence including bodycam video, forensic evidence. The officers involved were faced with the use of force. Beekman was the first to shoot. The officers responded with the only option they had — to meet deadly force with deadly force.
  • The officers committed no crime.
  • There will be no charges brought upon the officers, and the case will be closed.
  • Beekman was identified and charged for malicious wounding after shooting at a clerk at a 7-Eleven. Beekman was prohibited from holding a firearm due to prior armed robbery.
  • Body cam was shown from officers exiting their car, and being shot at by Beekman.
  • Officers responded by shooting back, effectively killing Beekman.
  • Officers then approached Beekman and determined his wounds were fatal.
  • Forensic evidence yielded nine 9 mm shell casings from Beekman.
  • Beekman suffered 21 gunshot wounds according to the medical examiner.
  • Most of the gunshot wounds were at the back of the body.

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