NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — On Thursday, Chief Norfolk Circuit Court Judge David Lannetti ordered the Norfolk Police Department to turn over to the Legacy Lounge owners surveillance video taken from their establishment. 

The video from August 5 shows what happened in the establishment that led to a shooting outside the club which also led to the City of Norfolk shutting down the club. 

During their investigation into what happened, Norfolk Police got a copy of all video from Legacy Lounge’s 16 cameras.  

For some unknown reason, after the police got their video, the owners went back to the system to watch the video, and there was no video. How that happened, seems odd, but no one wants to accuse anyone. 

The owners want the surveillance video, and the judge, certainly under the circumstances of police getting the video and then nothing left on the system, granted the order for the police to get the owners a copy of all video by November 10.  

LegacyLounge’s attorney Tim Anderson lays out what they will do with that video on their appeal to the State Supreme Court.  

“We are going to ask the Supreme Court to look at that video and ask whether the council had enough information before they shut them down. We think the Supreme Court is going to come back and conclusively say the city council did not have enough information to shut down Legacy. That’s the end game for us, and why this video is so important to get up there for the Justices to review.” 

10 On Your Side found Norfolk’s Asst. City Attorney Katherine Taylor going into court, and we asked what she will be asking the judge to do, 

“A motion to quash today,” said Taylor. “We are asking for [the surveillance video] to be turned over” 

“We feel that video is going to exonerate the allegations the city made to city council regarding the employees and what happened that night,” said Anderson. 

Anderson has always maintained he needs that video to show his clients are right, and should not have been shut down by the city.  

“There was a fight. Their security started pushing people out of the way, and this guy is getting ejected from the bar. He went to his car, got a gun, and started shooting people from the outside. That could happen in any establishment.” 

The circuit court denied the owner’s request for an injunction to remain open, so they are appealing that to the State Supreme Court and they need the video to make that case. 

“We think this video is now going to show that we are likely to succeed. Even city council [Katherine Taylor] argued Thursday that she could have provided it to city council and maybe that would have swayed them differently. It was never available to us,” Anderson said. 

Taylor had no comment after the hearing, but maintained the entire time the City Council made the right decision.  

Legacy Lounge owner Warren Salvodon says it’s all about the video. 

“I am tired of the city making it look like my employees were the vigilante rather than the hero. They need to look at the video and see why my employee had to intervene to begin with.” 

“I think we can overturn the decision without the video,” Anderson added. The fundamental question is what did the city council know? As evidence, there was none except a seven-second clip.” 

The clip showed Tyshawn Gray, the accused shooter, grabbed by his collar, and dragged through the restaurant. 

“If they had extended the video, they would see he stood him up and walked him outside,” said Salvodon.

10 On Your Side asked Salvodon how much longer he and his partner can hang on while closed down. 

“How long can we continue without going under? That is in the favor of the lord. He is the one who is going to tell me how much forward I can go.”