NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Dreams are coming true at Berkley Park in Norfolk.

The Southside Boys and Girls Club now has a “dream court.” It’s all thanks to Old Dominion University Women’s Basketball legend, Nancy Lieberman.

“The future is yours. This is your court, this is no longer our court, take care of it. Be mindful of your opportunities. It’s a dream court because every one of us has a dream,” said the class of Basketball Hall of Famer and BIG3 Head Coach.

The Dream Court is a high school regulation basketball court. The plastic surface from Sport Court is weather resistant and safe for players.

Lady Magic partnered with other Monarchs like ODU Alumni Linda and Wallace Haisli and WNBA champion Ticha Penicheiro.

“This is called a dream court. I had so many big dreams when I was little,” said Penicheiro. “Growing up in Portugal, this is where I started. I started playing on the playground right next door to my house. A lot of times I was the only girl in the middle of a bunch of boys trying to say ‘yes, girls can play sports, girls can also play basketball and we can be pretty good at it.'”

Captain Renato Aponte with the Norfolk Police Department believes they may keep kids out of trouble.

“It gives our youth an opportunity to be out in the street and doing something positive.”

Lieberman hopes to partner with Norfolk on more projects to help kids in the future.

“It gives another place, a safe place, where young people can come and learn, grow and develop,” said Mayor Kenny Alexander. “It’s the perfect time, school just let out! Children and youth will be looking for activities and things to do. If they are here, you know they are not somewhere else getting into mischief.”