HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WAVY) — It’s a right of passage, a tradition to don the cap and gown and celebrate, but graduations will look a lot different at many universities this spring.

“So Regent has moved commencement online, which at first was a shock, ” Regent University senior Josh Holland told WAVY.

He isn’t sure what an online graduation will look like, but he’s not upset.

He’s looking to his history books — specifically World War II for inspiration.

“The younger generation would, um, go in to build the ships when the older generation was out at war, and I think we can use this analogy with this crisis going on to really focus on taking our part and making our sacrifice in this time of need,” Holland said.

High school seniors are facing similar uncertainty.

“Realistically in my mind I’m like, Anna, you’re probably not walking across the stage but you will graduate, but then hopeful Anna is like, maybe this will get under control,” Granby High School senior Anna Lowe said.

Lowe and her friends were looking forward to prom as well. In fact, several dresses she ordered to try on were just delivered this week.

“I think I’m going to keep them though because… might as well have some nice dresses for the future,” she said.

Both of these seniors chose to see the bright future ahead, including a college graduation for Anna someday and a graduate school graduation for Josh in a few years.

“That’s the goal,” he told WAVY.com.

What they’re missing more than ceremonies and spring sports, Lowe said, is seeing their friends.

“I’m disappointed and I’m already going stir crazy, but I realize it’s what has to be done,” she said.

It’s the sacrifice they don’t mind making, though, if it means saving lives.

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