NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — When interviewed by reporters shortly after his arrest, Gary Moore, with his head hung low, told reporters the truth would set him free.

Eight days later, the 39-year-old remains behind bars after he allegedly opened fire at MacArthur Center in Norfolk on April 2, killing 33-year-old Roosevelt McKinney. On Thursday morning, in a brief determination of counsel hearing, Moore revealed his efforts to hire an attorney are still underway.

The victim’s mother was present for the brief video hearing.

Stacey McKinney-Whack/Roosevelt McKinney’s mother (WAVY photo)

“Just to see his face on the monitor, it’s just like reliving my son’s death all over again,” said Stacey McKinney-Whack, who lost her only son in the mall shooting.

Close to her heart, McKinney-Whack wears one of the last photos of her son on a button. While much of the coverage of the crime has focused on how the shooting could harm business downtown, McKinney-Whack wants people to know how it has harmed her entire family.

(Photo courtesy: Stacey McKinney-Whack)

“I can’t talk to him. His son, 13 years old, just graduated. His father wasn’t there. My daughter can’t see her brother anymore. My mom will be 90 [years old] in June. She can’t see my son anymore. He was the apple — I mean — he did anything to make sure that the family stayed strong and protected us. Now, I don’t have that anymore,” said the grieving mother.

Police say Moore was caught on store surveillance video shortly before the brazen murder that sent men, women, and children running for cover.

MacArthur Center shooting (photo: WAVY/Kara Dixon)

Regina Mobley: “What does that say about the mentality of the people who carry guns and would use them in that manner?”

Stacey Mckinney-Whack: “It’s selfless (sic) because they don’t take time to think before they act.”

Moore is charged with second-degree murder, two counts of malicious wounding, and three counts of use of a firearm in the commission of a felony. He’s due back in court on the morning of June 2.