NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) officially welcomed 24 new buses on Thursday as they prepare for the launch of their express service.

According to a news release, the initial 757 Express service is set to launch on October 30 and will begin on Rt. 112 with 15-minute weekday services during morning and evening rush hours.

With Rt. 112 being the busiest route on the Peninsula and the second longest in HRT’s system, this service is aimed to help riders get to their destinations quicker.

Along with the new service, HRT is also adding additional new components to their Express program, including new shelters with solar, lighting, improved technology that allows customers to track their buses through their phones, better pay operators, and an enhanced maintenance program to keep shelters clean.

The Express program is scheduled to expand to routes across the HRT network contingent on sufficient operators being hired.