NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – The Center for Consumer Freedom sent a letter to the Norfolk City Council Wednesday morning asking that Front Street, where PETA’s headquarters is located, be renamed “PETA Kills Avenue.”

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This is in response to recent PETA press stunts, including last week’s in which PETA asked the English village of Wool to rename itself “Vegan Wool,” much to the disappointment of local residents.

WAVY News 10’s Stephanie Harris spoke to a representative with the Center for Consumer Freedom. 

“This is a way to essentially draw attention to a group that is calling itself ‘for the ethical treatment of animals’ but really in practice its for unethical treatment of animals,” said Will Coggin.

Coggin’s organization points out the 2014 case on the Eastern Shore when PETA workers stole and killed a 9 year-old girl’s pet. Their letter to city council also claims PETA has killed thousands of cats and dogs from its shelter.

10 On Your Side reached out to PETA.  

PETA’s Senior Media Liaison, Catie Cryar, responded with this email:  

“The deceitfullynamed Center for Consumer Freedom is a front group for, among others, meat enterprises that slaughter billions of animals every year, so its latest attempt to distract from PETA’s animal-saving work is nothing new and it’s no news story.PETA continues to invite reporters into the field to see thecommunity service we provide for animals, including those who are neglected, sick, aged, injured, and aggressive, and the invitation stands.”

10 On Your Side then asked Coggin if he thinks Norfolk will seriously consider the request.  He said, “Certainly we hope they consider it, localities do have the right to rename streets and frankly, you know, why not?” reached out to city council members and the mayor to ask, but no one responded.