NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Norfolk’s Emergency Management Team received reports of a few trees down, but they’re concerned about the threat of severe weather and making sure people are prepared.

The Hague took in a lot of water from tidal flooding, but as the water started to recede, Norfolk Emergency Management personnel are setting their sights on severe weather overnight.

Norfolk Emergency Management Director Jim Redick says the winds are their biggest concern right now and the threat of severe weather. 

“The winds creating tornadoes would be a concern, kind of leading us to anticipate that what-if scenario,” said Redick.

Redick recommends finding your safe spot, which is the center of an interior room at the lowest level of your home, and also making sure your phone is charged so you have a way to get alerts. 

“Be cognizant that that threat exists throughout the night so the likelihood is that they might get an alert in their home or business or wherever they might be and if that happens that means the technology worked to take protective action,” said Redick.

Redick doesn’t recommend driving through flooded waters, but if you have to get out in it, he recommends downloading the WAZE App because it updates in real-time.

Redick says it will even reroute you to avoid flooded streets. 

“We have a partnership with WAZE and it really allows us to know where those flooded streets are in more of a real-time scenario,” said Redick.

Shea McGinnis and his dog Baxter live in Ghent and came out in the rain to rescue their car. Shea says they deal with tidal flooding a lot. 

“It’s pretty rough but I’m out just moving the car today because we deal with this pretty often,” said McGinnis.

Even though we aren’t big fans of the excessive rain, the ducks are liking it and so is Baxter. 

“He loves it other than I think he’s a little cold right now,” said McGinnis.

Norfolk Emergency Management recommends signing up for Norfolk Alerts.