NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — One of the men accused of killing Old Dominion University student, Chris Cummings, is on trial.

Cummings was shot and killed in his West 42nd Street home on June 10th, 2011.

Nearly a decade later, four men were charged in connection with his murder. The men were Ahmad Watson, Kwaume Edwards, Rashad Dooley and Javon Doyle. Watson and Edwards charges were dropped. Doyle’s trial ended in a hung jury.

A 12-person jury and one alterate are deciding whether Dooley is guilty or not.

The only other person in the home with Cummings was his roommate, Jake Carey, took the stand Thursday. Carey was Cummings friend and also went to ODU.

He said he was at a party with his friend on June 9. Carey said his friends were watching the NBA finals and socializing.

He said around midnight Cummings called him. Carey said, “he asked me to come home.” Carey decided to head back to his home, only a couple of blocks away, to see what was going on.

When Carey pulled up, he saw a red vehicle in the driveway. He said it was only a four-car driveway, so he parked in the grass. Carey said he saw two people in the vehicle, but didn’t get a good look at them. He approached the home’s porch. Carey said he saw Cummings and someone else talking. He called it a “heated argument back and forth.”

Carey said Watson was the person on the porch with Cummings.

Carey identified Watson in an 18-photo lineup in 2012. Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney, Cynthia Collard, showed Carey a document with a City of Norfolk header. In the document, Carey said photo number two was the “guy walking with Chris.” Photo number two was Watson. Carey said Watson was there with “his friends.”

On June 9, Carey said he couldn’t hear the conversation, but could tell Cummings was “angry.” He said Cummings had a “raised voice.”

When they talked after the argument, Cummings told Carey someone pulled a gun on him in his room.

Cummings described a struggle with someone. He asked him to leave.

Carey tried to consul Cummings. He even asked him to go to the party with him. Cummings decided to stay home.

Carey went back to the party and arrived home around 3 a.m. He said he got into bed and fell asleep.

He said it wasn’t long until he heard a “bang.” Carey said, “it seemed like someone was trying to kick the front door.” He said there was a “louder band and the door was kicked in.”

He said it sounded like “a small crowd” of people went straight up the stairs. At this point, Carey said he was “extremely scared.”

He heard someone kick in Cummings room. Carey said he heard “some kind of arguments.” He described yelling and then “sounded like a scuffle.”

Moments later — he heard gunfire.

Carey said there was still some scuffling noises. He said it sounded like they were moving towards the stairs when he heard another shot. After the second gunshot, Carey said people went down the stairs.

Once the house was silent, Carey grabbed his knife and went to his door. He slowly unlocked his door and turned the doorknob. He said you could hear the “springs” in the door because it was so quiet. Carey said he could “hyper hear everything.”

When he opened his door, he saw a tall black figure run in front of his door. He said the person had a white t-shirt on.

He waited a moment and then ventured out of his room. He saw Cumming and said “he didn’t look good.” He whispered to him, but Cummings didn’t respond.

Carey took a step out and looked down the hallway. He didn’t see anything. He took a few more steps and then saw “a strobe light.” At the same, he heard the sound of a gun. Carey was shot four times in five different places. He said he blacked out.

Once he regained consciousness, he went to his bedroom to grab his phone. He called 911 twice.

Carey then went outside. He said a woman came over to him. Authorities arrived shortly after.

Carey underwent multiple surgeries to save his life. He said he has shoulder pain every day and wakes up “with some kind of pain.”

The 12 jurors and one alternate also heard from the lead detective. He said the door frame was damaged and that it looked like a forced entry. He also talked about a track a K-9 picked up. He said it was lost near West 43rd Street.

He talked about different items sent for testing. None of the DNA or fingerprints were linked to any suspects.

The lead detective was taken off of the case in 2012.

In 2020, a cold case detective was brought in to give the case a fresh set of eyes. The cold case detective said he used a mixture of inmate testimony, cell phone data and a few more elements to charge the four men accused.

The panel of jurors also heard from one of Cumming’s fraternity brothers. He said weeks earlier Cummings was showing people some marijuana. Cummings told them to lock the door behind them. Cummings’ fraternity brother and him saw people looking at the home and going towards the house. Cummings ran downstairs. The fraternity brother said he was met by a man with a gun. Cummings pushed the man out and slammed the door. A neighbor chased one of the individuals. Cummings and his fraternity brother chased after another individual.

The fraternity brother said Watson and Dooley were the men coming over for weed. He said two other guys tried to enter the home. He said Watson had “been over a few times” and “bought some weed.”

During cross-examination, Dooley’s attorney, Eric Korslund, asked Cummings’ fraternity brother about Dooley’s role that day. He clarified that he was just trying to buy weed.

One of the jurors had a medical emergency and was excused from the case. He was replaced by an alternative. Originally, there were 14 jurors in total. Two of them were alternates. Now — there are only 13 jurors.

The judge said the Commonwealth expects to rest on Friday.