NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Firefighters stereotypically save kittens from trees, but recently, Norfolk’s Fire-Rescue crews and Animal Protection Unit put their own Hampton Roads twist on the storyline.

First responders got the call about an incident involving a seagull in the city and went to help. When they got to a light pole, they looked up and saw an unlikely sight.

A seagull, now fondly named “Danny Dangle” was found hanging from the power pole after being caught in some fishing line.

Norfolk Fire-Rescue Station 2 and the city’s Animal Protection Unit had to work hand in hand, or rather hand in wing, for this rescue.

Crews aren’t sure how long Danny had been wrapped up in the line, but they were able to use an engine ladder to climb up to his height.

The team was able to free Danny from the line.

After the ordeal, he was chauffeured to the Tidewater Rehabilitation & Environmental Education center. They’re hoping to release him back into the wild sometime soon.

First responders want to take this time to remind community members to pick up after themselves. From fishing lines to water bottles, trash left behind can be harmful, even deadly, to local wildlife.

Virginia law prohibits intentional balloon releases of any kind for this reason unless the balloon’s material meets certain environmental requirements.

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