NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – In an effort to increase safety and go green, Norfolk is converting all of its street light fixtures to LED.

Thursday morning, they got a whole lot of green to help make that happen.

Rep. Bobby Scott delivered $3 million in community funds to the city of Norfolk for streetlight upgrades.

The money for the upgrades comes from the FY23 Omnibus Appropriations Act passed by Congress in December.

The project will convert all of the city’s 28,000 streetlights from the high pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures that they currently have to more energy efficient light emitting diode (LED) fixtures.

The reason for the upgrade is threefold said Norfolk Mayor Kenneth Alexander.

“One, they’re 90% more efficient,” Alexander said during a check presentation ceremony. “Two, they’re long-lasting and number three, they provide a high level of security.”

The upgrades is expected to be a multi-year project for the city. It will start along Tidewater Drive in the Mason Creek area.

Norfolk Transit Director John Stevenson said they are prioritizing neighborhoods based on traffic accidents, pedestrian accidents and crime. LED lights he said help with safety.

“You can discern pedestrians and cyclists more easily for example and you can tell what clothing people are wearing – colors of the clothing so that helps law enforcement,” Stevenson said.

In the next few weeks you should find a dashboard on the city’s website showing when you’ll see your neighborhood in a whole new light.