NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Early Sunday morning, bullets flew through a Norfolk neighborhood not far from the Old Dominion University campus.

One man died and two others were injured following the triple shooting.

One neighbor saw it through her window.

“I saw everyone running first. People were running down the street and down my street. The dude was laying down and the girl was like touching him and screaming for like everyone to help him, but everyone was running,” Casey Buckley said.

It’s not the first time Killam Avenue neighbors have seen gun violence.

Just last year, two people died and five were injured in a late-night shooting.

Bilal Muhammad, chairperson of Stop the Violence Team, stood two blocks away the night after the shooting with a megaphone to bring the community together.

“We are hurting,” Muhammad said. “That’s why we are taking a stand at Stop the Violence. We must stand together. We are asking the Hampton Roads community. Let us work closer together.”

Muhammad said the community needs to come together to stop the violence. More importantly, he said we need to wrap our arms around grieving families.

“We need more consistent boots on the ground. Once we begin to work more and more in the trenches, to console the families that lost a loved one and help come up with a program to help reduce the violence,” he said.

Muhammad said it’s not an easy task, but he said it’ll take everyone.

“We have to come together more that’s what’s going to bring about change. We have to be more productive to reduce the violence that is happening,” he said.

He also challenges community leaders to invest time in this neighborhood to reduce gun violence.

“We can no longer turn our heads on this. This is too close. It happens too much,” Muhammad said.