NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – A local advocate said enough is enough after recent violence in Norfolk.

LaTonya Snow wants change and asked the community to come together to talk about real solutions.

People circled at the back of the Royal Farms on East Virginia Beach Boulevard.

“It’s a shame we have to meet like this,” Wayne Lynch, father of Donovon Lynch, told the crowd.

The meeting was about sharing solutions and concerns.

“It’s frustrating knowing guns get in the wrong hands. It’s frustrating our kids can die not to make it to the eighth grade,” Snow said.

She said the community needs to come together.

“We have to show the community solidarity,” Snow said.

That support is important to Shana Turner. She has been to a number of these meetings after her son lost his life to gun violence.

Turner wants the violence to end.

“How many more? How many more parents or families have to cry or go through this situation,” she said. “I just want an end to it or a cease.”

A central part of the discussion is what it’ll take to stop the violence.

“Very simple solution from a standpoint of how things used to be yesterday,” said Norfolk City Councilman JP Paige. “We have to get futuristic and include people in government that traditionally would not.”

Said Snow: “Small acts of kindness, not saying it will protect you, but fill in the gaps. We always blame it on the city, but what about us? Let’s fill in the gaps.”