NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A Norfolk woman is on edge. She told 10 On Your Side that a bullet flew through her Ocean View home and landed on her bed.

One year ago Friday, Jordan Hatmaker bought her home in Ocean View. The experience, she said, has been a positive one until this week.

Hatmaker had friends and their children staying at her home when she got a text that caught her off guard — a picture of holes throughout the house and a bullet sitting on the bed.

“It’s pretty terrifying,” Hatmaker said. “I thought that I had moved to a relatively safe place. I couldn’t believe there was a bullet laying on a bed.”

Hatmaker immediately called police, who collected the bullet for evidence. She checked her security cameras and found nothing.

“It entered the very front of my house,” Hatmaker said, “but the bedroom is in the middle of the house so it would have had to go through, basically through the kitchen and through a bedroom wall and it ricocheted off of the back of the bedroom wall and then landed right on the bed so I’m not really sure how that trajectory went. If somebody was standing or sleeping, they could be dead right now.”

Hatmaker lives in a relatively busy area. Bold Mariner Brewing Company is 800 feet from her door. 10 On Your Side spoke with owner Michael Stacks, who told us it’s always concerning to hear of incidents in the area, and that they are aware of crime. They have multiple security cameras and have assisted police in investigations.

As for Hatmaker, this is the second time she’s dodged a “bullet.” 10 On Your Side first met her last year on the Hampton Roads Show as she recovered from a near-deadly skydiving accident in Suffolk, hitting the ground at 125 mph.

“I was getting my skydiving license and had some terrible malfunctions and got a spinal cord injury and broke my leg and broke my whole back,” Hatmaker said. “I’m doing great, PT was amazing, the hospital staff was amazing. Thankful for second chances, you know, and dodging bullets.”

Norfolk police are investigating where the bullet came from and how it ended up in Hatmaker’s home.