NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – It’s no secret that outdoor play is great for the health and well-being of our children. Local non-profit Auntie Advocate is on a mission to make sure local kids have what they need to keep them playing outside during Spring Break.

LaTonya Snow created Auntie Advocate. She has a goal to provide children with supplies to make them want to stay outside longer.

“We’ve got spring break coming up in April. Everybody knows our kids are going to be home,” said Snow.

So, Auntie Advocate created a donation drive called “Building with Basketballs.”

“We’re trying to collect basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, jump ropes, and bikes”

While the organization prefers new, or gently used bikes, it will accept some fixer-uppers, but it could really use items to upgrade some of those well-loved bikes.

“We need chains. We need seats. We need tires. We need handlebars. We need brakes.”

Snow said they also need volunteers to clean, and fix up, the bikes as well as hand out all of the equipment. She says she believes the bikes, basketballs, and other sporting equipment are important to encourage family time.

“If we provide the bikes, everyone can go to the park. If they don’t have a basketball, we can provide them with one. Meet me at the park. It’s just important for them to know that we’re here.”

The neighborhoods that will benefit from Building with Basketballs include Park Place, Norview, and the Huntersville Community in Norfolk.

Moving kids away from the TV and into the fresh air is a goal that can be reached with your help.

“It’s important to show our kids that there are resources out there that are offered for free,” said Snow.

The deadline for donations is March 29. Bikes, sports equipment, or money are all welcome. To find out how you can donate, volunteer, or where to drop off a donation, click here.