NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – A local disability rights advocacy group is pushing for changes in the Norfolk landscape after people with disabilities voiced concern about navigating the city.

One of the advocates is Jesse Monroe. He has arthrogryposis.

“It tightens my joints and muscles, so I can’t move my limbs at all,” he said.

Monroe uses a wheelchair to get around. He said Hampton Boulevard was hard to navigate.

“I was walking with a couple of friends for lunch, and I noticed it was really hard to get around the area. The sidewalks were very chaotic,” he said.

Janice Taylor experienced the same frustration in Downtown Norfolk.

“I am very nervous about crossing and having balance issues, so when the light change, usually before I get across the street, so the cars seem to swerve around me,” Taylor said.

Virginia Organizing advocates like Taylor and Monroe took the issues to city council.

“These things have to be addressed better,” Monroe said at a city council meeting in October.

Norfolk City Council listened.

“Jessie has made some really good suggestions,” Councilwoman Courtney Doyle said at the meeting. “I would encourage the city manager and team to look into this,”

Some of the issues, like the uneven payment near where Monroe lives, have been fixed. Others will take a while.

“They are constantly working on some of those items, but of course, it takes time,” Taylor said.

Taylor said they are in the process of checking things off the list, including better building accessibility and affordable housing.

A spokesperson for the City of Norfolk told 10 On Your Side:

“We remain committed to making Norfolk as accessible as possible for the benefit of all our residents and visitors.”

Some of the quick fixes are already making it easier for Monroe to grab lunch with his friends.

“It makes it a lot more easy and safe for me,” he said.

Taylor said slowing down and keeping off your phone helps keep everyone safe.

She urges drivers to be gracious if someone is taking longer to cross the street.