NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — In Norfolk, a man was critically injured after a shooting on Greenleaf Drive by Campostella Road.

This happened just before 1 Sunday morning. Paramedics rushed the man to the hospital.

So far, police haven’t released more information about the victim or a possible suspect.

That shooting was one of three that happened over a 48-hour period in Norfolk alone.

It has people in the community worried and looking for quick solutions to a problem that seems to be growing.

Stop the Violence Team chairperson Bilal Muhammad says that the shooting near Greenleaf and Campostella happened in the area where he grew up.

He says people need to take pride in the community and stay away from guns.

“Let us turn this whole situation around,” said Muhammad. “We say to the community, ‘please let us come together’.”

Bilal Muhammad says he played sports with his neighbors and friends in that area, and even though they’d fight sometimes, they never reached for guns.

“No thought ever come into our mind that we’re gonna grab a gun, that we’re gonna grab a knife,” said Muhammad. “We used these and it was all over and the same day before the day ends, our brothers and other guys’ brothers would tell us to come back together.”

Muhammad says the shooting that happened on Greenleaf this weekend hit too close to home. He says it’s important to address these concerns now so the community isn’t brought further down.

“We have to reach out and create more opportunities within our community because the strength is there,” said Muhammad. “We have to bring it out and show our neighbors and loved ones that we care for them.”

In addition to the shooting on Greenleaf, Norfolk Police are investigating two other shootings that happened in the past 48 hours.

Officers say a 23-year-old man was shot near Norchester and Princess Anne Road and a 15-year-old boy was shot down the street near Norchester and Woodland. Officers believe these two shootings might be connected.

Muhammad says he takes great pride in the Norfolk area, and wants to see this community change for the better.

“If we don’t make a change in our community, we are going to lose the value and the quality of our youth,” said Muhammad. “We have to set that standard now. If we don’t, we’re gonna blow it.”

Stop the Violence Team is planning a Youth Talent Show for this October. They plan to release more information about the talent show on their Facebook page soon.

“We want to bring that out of our youth so they can say hey that’s the role I want to try,” said Muhammad. “If we don’t make a change in our community we are going to lose the value and the quality of our youth.”

If you know anything that could help police solve any of the weekend shootings, submit a tip via P3 Tips or call the crime line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.