NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Millions of federal dollars — $33 million — are heading to Norfolk International Airport (ORF)for much-needed improvements.

Congressman Bobby Scott (D-Newport News) visited the airport Tuesday to meet with Executive Director Robert Bowen.

Bowen gave a presentation to outline where exactly those federal dollars from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will go.

“Norfolk airport is almost 75 years old and obviously, a lot of things have reached past their useful life,” said Scott. “If we’re going to have a functioning airport, you have to have ongoing investments and this law will make those investments possible.”

The majority of funds $21.2 million, will go toward the design and reconstruction of the primary runway. Rehabilitation of the existing concrete comes with a $10 million price tag. The reconstruction design of the runway will cost $4.5 million. And finally, phase one of reconstruction will cost $6.7 million.

“The money means a lot. It means we can start design work and in a lot of cases start the actual construction work sooner than we expected,” explained Bowen.

The remaining funds will go toward a new roof for Concourse A, which will cost an estimated $1.8 million. And finally, a five-year environmental assessment at $2.7 million.

The money will be dispersed over a five-year time span.

ORF is also eligible to compete for another pool of money from the bill, $5 billion set aside for small hub airports. According to Bowen, about 70 airports nationwide fall into that category, including Norfolk.

Additional funding would help the airport accomplish another list of expensive infrastructure projects, like an extension to Concourse A and adding five new gates. This expansion costs an estimated $38 million.

Also on the list is adding a people-mover to the pedestrian bridge connecting the concourses to baggage claim. A people-mover used to exist on the long walkway but was scrapped when it wore out and needed 6 million in repairs. The new people-mover would cost about $4.75 million.