NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Last week, 10 On Your Side showed you the shambles of the ramp Benita Hercules had to deal with after a car came rushing through the neighborhood and crashed into it. Now, thanks to a viewer, she’s got a brand new ramp she said makes her life so much easier.

The sun is shining on Benita Hercules.

“Everything happens for a reason and every year has a season, right,” said Benita Hercules.

Now is her season.

After we showed you the mess a car crash left behind, Andrew Klear with Amramp of Hampton Roads stepped up to help.

“Ours is made out of steel with an expanded metal surface,,” Klear said. “It’s a little different than the others you’ll see out there that are bright and shiny.”

It may not be bright, but it might as well be made of gold as far as she’s concerned, given how much her life has improved.

“So yes, this is a miracle,” Hercules said. “You just don’t know, I can breathe. I can breathe really.”

Klear installed this temporary ramp Monday until the new one can be built in November. And he’s proud of the work they do.

“If I can have a positive impact on somebody every day, then I’m living a good life,” Klear said. “And when we saw the story — we’re in the same neighborhood, we live in Norfolk. We operate our business out of Norfolk. Benita is my neighbor. We’re not in the same neighborhood, but there’s a sense of community we need to build in our area.”

And it’s helping in so many ways, Hercules saying it even makes taking out the trash easier. The non-profit group Operation Ramp It Up built the first one, but they’re based out of Cincinnati and can’t make it back here until November. But in the meantime …

“I was going to bed last night and I slept good not worrying about anything because you all put all my worries to rest,” Hercules said. “Thank you God, thank you. Thank you WAVY and thank you Andrew and Greg.”

Now the plan is to get rid of this temporary ramp, replace it with a much larger ramp here at the front door because she said she can move easier out the front of the house. The new ramp will also better accommodate her scooter, which she uses most often.