NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Take a look at the damage Benita Hercules now has to deal with on top of struggling to get in and out of her house on a daily basis.

“It looked like it had been in a war zone,” says homeowner Benita Hercules.

This is all that’s left of what Benita Hercules considered a godsend — something simple that gave her mobility that many of us take for granted.

“It’s bad, I mean I just wanted to cry,” Hercules said.

Something simple that, up until this weekend, made her life so much easier.

“I just pushed my scooter up, go around the little L shape, get up to the door, put the key in and come on in,” she said.

Suddenly, she’s without that little luxury. Now this woman, who suffers from asthma, liver complications and who had open heart surgery is finding life a more difficult.

“I had just come out the bathroom going to get some water from the fridge and I heard this ‘boom boom boom,'” she said, “so I’m thinking maybe a transformer hit cause it looked like a flash of light coming through the window.”

She said it was around 2 a.m. when a driver, who admitted to her he was driving 50 mph in the 25 mph zone, crashed into the ramp.

Hercules said if the ramp hadn’t been there, the car would have crashed into her living room. She blames speed, which she said is becoming a bigger problem here at the corner of Montgomery Street and Jersey Avenue.

She and other neighbors are pushing for a speed bump and more lighting at that corner, because next time it might not be an inanimate object that gets hit.

Meanwhile, Hercules is waiting on her adjustor to come out and see if the driver’s insurance will cover the cost of a new ramp. Her advice to others:

“Take your time and look what you do to someone else, you know,” she said. “They have money to spend but I don’t.”

The ramp was built by the non-profit group Operation Ramp It Up. Hercules told 10 On Your Side the estimate to replace it is around $12,000.