NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – In two weeks, Norfolk’s interim police chief Michael Goldsmith will retire, while a new chief is expected to be named any day now.

Nearly one year since police chief Larry Boone announced his retirement from the department, another senior officer, interim chief Michael Goldsmith, is following suit. After a 34-year tenure as a public servant, Goldsmith officially retires April 14.

For the last few months, the city has held public forums, launched a public survey and interviewed 25 qualified finalists for the title of top cop, narrowing down that list to three candidates.

One candidate was a former chief, while another has years of experience in supervisory roles. A third candidate has a diverse background of various city departments.

“I would like to see a police chief that exemplifies diversity, a person who understands what community policing is, that’s going to work with in collaboration all of the grassroot organizations that are already on the ground,” said Jason Inge to 10 On Your Side at an October public forum. “I want to see a police chief that is already here and gave that sweat equity inside the city of Norfolk.”

Retired NPD lieutenant Frank Allgood was also in attendance and addressed city leaders.

“There is something going on in the Norfolk Police Department that’s causing them to leave at an extraordinary rate,” Allgood said at the October forum, “and that police chief is going to have to identify that and fix that.”

Now city leaders are saying a chief has been selected. Earlier this week, City Manager Chip Filer said an announcement would be coming soon.

“I feel pretty good that we will (have) a decision within the next 10 days and we’ll be able to make that announcement to the residents and we’ll get started with the new chief and get going,” Filer said.

A Norfolk city spokesperson told 10 On Your Side depending on when the new chief can start, there may be an interim chief to bridge the gap between Goldsmith’s retirement and the new chief’s tenure.