NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – A Newport News family is back on their feet after a devastating house fire earlier this year.

Lacey Boyd, her spouse, and their three daughters were all inside their Newport News home when it caught fire in late March. She says an overloaded circuit caught the garage on fire, then flames spread to the rest of the house.

All five of them were able to get out okay, along with their dog, but their home was a total loss.

“When he came in and said I need you to get all the girls out and call 911 I was in full panic,” said Boyd.

Boyd tells 10 On Your Side one of the first calls she got after the fire was from her employer, Worley’s Home Services in Yorktown.

Lacey had just started her new job a month before the fire, and within 24 hours, Lacey’s new boss, Chuck, was calling asking what they could do to help.

“I was surprised then but I’m not surprised now because throughout the past ten months that I’ve worked there I’ve seen them countless times do this and more for other people,” said Boyd.

Boyd says they only got out with the clothes on their backs, so the money and gift cards from Worley’s helped them get back on their feet and also helped them break ground on their brand-new house.

“What do you guys need, what does your family need, what do you want to decorate your house with, whatever you guys need that’s what we want to give to you,” said Lacey. “It wasn’t just a here’s something for taxes or here’s something for whatever but it was intentionally purposed for my family in a way that wasn’t just about money.”

Chuck and his son, Chase, founded Worley’s Home Services in Yorktown in 2016 and believe it’s important to give back to their employees.

“Our employees are our secret weapon,” said Chuck. “Why we immediately were willing to support Lacey and her family after only being with our company for 30 days.”

Lacey says even though they lost everything, she knows it could’ve been worse. She says she’s thankful she had her community and Worley’s standing by her side.

“I had peace anyway but then I really had peace about where I was at and just the leadership I was under,” said Lacey.

Crews are still working to put the finishing touches on Boyd’s home, but they hope to be able to move in by the end of February.