Uvalde Foundation recognizes NNPD for response to shooting at Richneck Elementary School

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – The Uvalde Foundation says that it is recognizing Newport News police officers who responded to the Richneck Elementary School shooting on January 6.

This recognition comes after body camera footage was released from the day of the shooting that showed officers working to get students out of the school safely.

In one of the body camera footage clips, you can see an officer leading students through the hallway with a smile on his face so as to not worry or frighten the kids.

“We’re doing great. Keep marching. Alright, we’re turning this train left …beep beep!” the officer told the kids in the footage.

The Uvalde Foundation says officers “showed creativity & empathy” during the shooting, which helped de-escalate the situation for the young children.

“This is both a testimony to the type of character within the heart of those men and women within the department overall, but also a testimony to how response to these type of events; can truly make a difference in the mental effects they have; particularly on young minds,” The Uvalde Foundation said in a statement.

As part of the national recognition, the foundation says NNPD and the responding officers will special commendation recognitions.