NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — You might notice some of the changes to the Southeast community in Newport News. The changes are something Councilwoman Tina Vick said is needed.

“Everybody deserves a good quality of life when pieces are missing, when people have to live with inadequate housing. Not being able to have shops in their neighborhood, not being able to start a business, not having a business space. We need to have a community where we put those things in place,” she said.

Things like a new grocery store within the Southeast community and affordable housing options.

“A lot of nice changes. Very nice,” said Sheila Felton, a Newport News resident.

The city showed off the new improvement during a bus tour Thursday.

Councilwoman Vick said her district was losing businesses and had older homes. She said that sparked her fuse to upgrade the area.

She said people will see the new opportunities in the city with new businesses.

“People can get jobs,” she said.

Councilwoman Vick said she expects to see more people visiting and bringing revenue to the city.

“The more dollars we can make, the more we can spend on the citizens,” she said.

Felton said the changes were needed.

“It’s so much better. We had nowhere else to go,” Felton said.

Before, she said the closest place to buy food was 7-Eleven.

“If they couldn’t ride the buses or afford transportation, they were really stuck as far as groceries.” 

You can see the changes in the Southeast community now. Some of the new businesses have opened their doors, but if you are looking for affordable housing, you may have to wait. The apartments are set to open sometime this year.