NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) –  Though some improvements have been made at Seaview Lofts, it is not yet ready to reopen due to a recent failed rental inspection, Newport News’ director of code compliance told City Council.

Passing the rental inspection is the last step before the building could open.

Previously, Seaview Lofts was condemned last June after Newport News Code Compliance cited serious issues with the building. 

“Things related to the building’s life safety system – elevators, fire alarm systems, egress, the ability get in and out of the building safely and electrical hazards,” said Newport News Director of Code Compliance Harold Roach.

He said the owners made some fixes, which prompted a Newport News judge to lift the condemnation order.

“The two elevators were made operational,” Roach said. “The problems with the fire alarm system were rectified. The electrical hazards were fixed. A boiler that was not functionally properly … the building had no heat that got rectified.”

Recently, code compliance visited the building for a rental inspection.

“We go out there and look at 17 units and none of those units were in a condition that they could pass,” Roach said. “Trash in rooms where people had just left. Electrical covers were missing over electrical junction boxes where live wires were present. Evidence of leaks. You know, improper plumbing connections. Dirt and filth. Nowhere near where it needed to be to be approved for occupancy.” 

That failed rental inspection will keep Seaview Lofts doors closed.

“At this point, the only thing that is outstanding is a rental inspection in order for people to occupy,” Roach said.

During that inspection, they look at the cleanliness of the building. Code compliance inspects the plumbing, heat and air condition and electrical systems.

Once those pass the test, Seaview Lofts can open.

The company said it’s working on the issues.

“Seaview is looking forward to welcoming back past and future residents. Interior upgrades are currently underway and exciting new amenities are being added,” Seaview Lofts said in a statement to 10 On Your Side. “A grand reopening event is being planned for this summer.” 

Roach said as long as the facility is safe, he’ll allow it to reopen.

“I would like people for people to be able to return,” Roach said, “but I want to make them to return to a safe and appropriate situation.”