NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – Victims’ families and Newport News Police continue to search for answers following a triple homicide in a home on Stallings Court in Newport News Tuesday.

The former wife of one of the three victims who were killed said she did not know why her ex-husband was there.

“I got a call while at work that my ex-husband was murdered, and he had kids,” said Jennifer Jones Futrell, the ex-wife of 36-year-old Derek Jones, who was killed in the home as she cried uncontrollably at times.

Jones’ daughter, Ziona Jones, whose mother is not Futrell, said her father was proud of her.

“I just got an apartment,” Ziona Jones said. “He was to help me with that and come over to meet his grandson for the first time, and he told me he was proud of me with what I was doing with my life.”

Derek Jones was supposed to meet his grandson for the first time Thursday, but he was killed Tuesday.

“He didn’t deserve it regardless of how he lived, he did not deserve it to die,” Ziona Jones said. “No one has that right. Regardless of what he does, he is not a bad person. He does not hurt anybody, he is not harmful, he is the sweetest man I know.”

The family of Monroe McGilvary Jr. offered us a photo. They are devastated, hoping those responsible are brought to justice quickly.

The family of Alvin Holiday was unreachable.

By afternoon, Newport News Police were out in force on Stallings Court performing what has become way too familiar, the C.A.R.E. Walk.

This one was in the North Precinct, but they are held in most communities across Hampton Roads. There was a strong turnout for Newport News Police, with about 30 people, led by Police Chief Steve Drew.

After a prayer, they headed down Stallings Court

They handed out flyers, saying that if you know anything give us a call, to leave a tip, that people don’t need to leave their name – all the while reassuring Stallings Court residents that they are safe.

They do these C.A.R.E. Walks after violent acts in neighborhoods, with police going door to door reaching out to touch as many people as they can.

“What is the message I am leaving with the residents, that we are still here we are not going anywhere,” Drew said before the C.A.R.E. Walk began. “You are in a safe community. This is a safe neighborhood. We had a bad situation that happened. I want you to know the police department from here from chief to other people in the department, clergy, chaplains, citizens that we care about you.”