NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — Neighbors at the Marshall Court Apartments are relieved after their power stayed on through the rain storm Thursday.

Residents tell 10 On Your Side that they are worried this is just a temporary fix. The residents have lost power with only light rain.

“The power goes out when it storms. Little pieces of drops of rain and the lights is out,” said Johnnie Holmes, a Marshall Court resident.

Barbara Alston has lived in the apartment for four years.

“It’s an issue. I am tired of it. I want to move,” Alston said.

It’s an issue residents tell 10 On Your Side they have dealt with for months.

Myia has lived in the apartments since the beginning of June. Her mom reached out to 10 On Your Side for help.

Myia said every time it rains, there is a big boom. She said after that, the power is off, sometimes for hours.

“I am throwing away milk and I have a child. You see, I am living in low-income area, so I don’t have that much money,” she said.

Myia said, sometimes, she can’t repay for the lost groceries.

Each storm that rolls through Newport News, residents tell 10 On Your Side they have to prepare.

“I gotta make sure my pet’s good. I gotta make sure my food inside, my refrigerator, stays up to par,” Holmes said,

Marshall Court Apartments are owned by the Newport News Redevelopment and Housing Authority, which sent a statement to 10 On Your Side.

We are aware of this ongoing problem. We think that we have resolved the immediate issue that we determined was from a cracked insulator that allows rainwater to short out the system. That matter has been repaired.  We have had a contractor go out and assess the system.  We expect a report soon.  As soon as we receive it we will make a determination as to what other work needs to be done.

Spokesperson from Newport News Redevelopment and Housing Authority

Holmes was happy when his power stayed on during Thursday evening’s rain showers.

“It’s lovely. It’s OK. They are finally working on stuff like they said,” he said.

Resident Demetrice Bailey said having power isn’t a guarantee for the next storm.

“They on today, but it’s not a promise that they going to be on again. It’s going to rain again,” he said.

A spokesperson from Dominion Energy tells 10 On Your Side the issue is on the Newport News Redevelopment and Housing Authority. Dominion cites equipment failure on the housing authority’s end. The spokesperson said the residents don’t have an individual meter account, instead, there is a master meter account controlled by the housing authority.