NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — Two men were hurt when a shooting broke out in Newport News on Saturday night, and neighbors tell 10 On Your Side this is just the latest in a string of incidents on the street.

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The shooting happened just after 11:00 p.m. on Willow Drive, just off Jefferson Avenue near Hemlock Road.

“Pop pop pop pop, I heard several of them,” said Robert Scott, who lives down the street.

He was inside his home when he heard the gunshots.

“What in the world is going on? I’m a Marine! The last time I heard shots like that, it was when I was crawling under a .50 caliber machine gun,” Scott said.

Scott was one of several neighbors whose car also fell victim to the gunfire.

“I’ve got an old ’89 Corolla, and a bullet went through the rear of my back window, and it shattered all of my window, all of the back glass,” Scott said.

10 On Your Side spoke with three neighbors whose cars were hit by the stray bullets.

“It’s just strange that you should hear anything while you’re sitting and watching television, that you should hear pop pop pop pop within 25 yards of where you are,” he said.

Police confirmed to 10 On Your Side that two 27-year-old men were found at the scene with gunshot wounds believed not to be life-threatening.

Neighbors tell us this is just the latest in a string of incidents involving the home where the shooting broke out. They said ever since the current renters moved in, there have been loud parties and arguments happening at the home.

Two neighbors, including Scott, told us it was enough to make them want to sell their house and leave the street.

There’s no suspect information or other details to release at this time, police said.

“Some rough people live there. If anything happens, if the neighborhood isn’t quiet, we’re selling,” he said.

10 On Your Side is working to learn more about this incident.

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