NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – A new video released by the Newport News Police Department includes clips from body cameras worn by officer responding to Richneck Elementary school on the day a six-year-old shot a teacher.

One clip is from an officer driving a patrol car on the way to the school Jan. 6. You hear the officer pray.

“Heavenly father keep our officers safe, keep our students safe, let us make the decisions we need to make,” he says.

Then you see he exits the car and heads toward the school.

“It’s hard to talk about without getting choked up,” said Newport News Police Chief Steve Drew. “I know that officer, Officer Watkins, he’s been here awhile, he has a family of his own. I thought it was very fitting to see him exit his vehicle and run towards the school. I think that’s what officers do everyday.”

The video clips are snippets of reality.

In another you see an officer leading children through a hallway with a big smile saying, “We’re doing great. Keep marching. Alright, we’re turning this train left …beep beep!”

Drew said that officer, Sgt. Carter, puts off a much different image in the video then the one he typically conjures as one of the most highly trained sergeants in the department. Carter, he said, works in SWAT and is one of the best tactical trainers.

“You can’t pay somebody enough for that,” Drew said. “You can’t train that – that comes from what you feel inside. You have to have a heart for service.”

The short body camera clips were part of a longer video presented during a fallen officers memorial ceremony. You can see the full video here.