NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – The owner of SeaView Lofts Apartments is facing a judge Thursday to address ongoing safety concerns at the building.

Two weeks ago, nearly 200 tenants were forced out of their units at the Newport News complex on short notice, because of the safety issues. The apartments are located on 28th Street. Some of the biggest issues include an inoperable elevator and boiler and fire alarm system violations.

Owner, Ben Weinstein, was issued 13 criminal charges related to the code violations. He was due in court on July 8 but had to travel for a funeral and did not appear. A judge found him in contempt for court for failing to fix the issues. He still did not show up for Thursday’s hearing.

“We’ll just have to wait until we go back to court on July 26,” said Apartment Manager Brenda Russel.

Russel was in court Thursday as the judge got an update on the status of repairs being made in the building.

The city offered hotel rooms to the displaced residents who had nowhere else to go. The judge also ruled the building order must pick up that tab. An extension of the city-sponsored hotel stays was granted for 65 SeaView families until July 14.

“Where am I gonna go? I am gonna sleep in the car,” said Rara. “It’s not our fault, its not like we didn’t pay no rent and got kicked out”

“I don’t even have kids and I am going to be sleeping in a car,” said Aniyah.

A representative from TK Elevators told the judge they have a crew ready to install parts on July 25th.

On the same day as the court hearing and the hotel stay extension expiration, City Manager Cynthia D. Rohlf released a statement saying there are still several code violations that need to be corrected before the building condemnation can be lifted. She also said the city doubts it will get back the money it has spent for the hotel stays, which totals more than $100,000.

“While the judge has ordered the owner to reimburse the city for the cost of housing tenants, there is no indication, based on the owner’s actions to date, that the city will recoup the monies spent, and at this point it appears that the situation could continue indefinitely,” Rohlf said. “Years of deferred maintenance and poor business practices have brought us to where we are today, and we appreciate the court’s action to hold the owner responsible.”

On Wednesday of this week, the city hosted a resource fair for the residents with 18 vendors. They provided information about childcare, food assistance, legal issues, mental health and moving assistance. The city confirmed 64 SeaView residents attended.

As 10 On Your Side has also reported, a Newport News clergy group raised money to provide residents of SeaView with gift cards. A total of 88 gifts cards have been distributed.

The United Way and Thrive Peninsula are still accepting donations from the public to help residents.