NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — The Newport News Hospitality Association’s annual “Restaurant Week” is taking a new spin during the pandemic.

It’s now being named, “Awareness Week” and is two weeks long instead.

This is an effort to promote participating restaurants who have signed up to offer specials in-house or to-go.

The expansion is to help with current restrictions limiting restaurant capacity in the Commonwealth.

The promotion is happening January 9 through January 23.

One of the restaurants taking part is the Nest Kitchen and Taphouse.

It’s located on the Kiln Creek Golf Club and Resort but is open to the public.

The Director of business and development there, Ivey Hawkins says this longer period gives people a chance to explore their variety.

“We’re always trying to make sure that everything you get on your table is different and eclectic. Right now, we’re specializing on the brunch and dinner menu because it’s two weeks long we wanted to take this opportunity to showcase the fun the chefs have with their foods,” said Hawkins.

As an added treat, participating restaurants will be featured in Facebook contests during the two-week promotion, with $50 gift certificates awarded as prizes.

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