NEWPORT NEWS, VA. (WAVY ) — The search continues for Shanitia Eure-Lewis.

Newport News Police Chief Steve Drew confirmed to 10 On Your Side last Friday the department
searched two areas for the beloved mother’s remains.

About 75 people including the detective division and recruit class walked through two sections of the city with cadaver dogs. The department also used technology and a drone team to search.

After a half day of searching in difficult conditions, detectives contacted the Eure-Lewis family with an update.

“I was excited. I was really hoping … maybe it was just me thinking … we are going to finally bring some closure to that family.”

The chief explained when things didn’t pan out, there was some letdown among the searchers. “It’s important. I want that family to know that they are not forgotten. That there is still hope! That case is not over until we find her!”

Two NNPD recruits were very passionate and asked to be updated on the case. Drew was emotional explaining the impact of this case on the officers, and the community.

“I know a lot of us were really let down. We had some information come in and you hold on to every piece that comes in. We talked with the family before and after to let them know. We will continue to work in that arena to find some resolve.”

Community members continue to call in tips or just offer prayers for the family and the department. 

Eure-Lewis’ body remains missing, and her estranged husband Adrian Lewis is charged with first-degree murder in her presumed death. Adrian Lewis was apprehended by authorities at Dulles International Airport as he prepared to board a flight to Jamaica with $800 in cash on him. 

His next court appearance is scheduled for September 23.

Her family reported her missing in July after she didn’t return to a Sunday Gethsemane Baptist Church service. Drew said the Gethsemane Baptist Church pastor has been very supportive throughout the investigation. 

On September 4, Gethsemane held a “love service” to honor Shanitia’s birthday.