NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – The Uvalde Foundation has requested that the Newport News police chief award Abby Zwerner, the first-grade teacher who was shot by her student at Richneck Elementary School, the inaugural Abby Zwerner Hero Award.

According to a press release, The Uvalde Foundation for Kids selected Steve Drew to present the award to Zwerner on the foundation’s behalf because he is the highest-ranking law enforcement officer who is familiar with Zwerner and her role during the incident.

The foundation announced in March that it would be awarding Zwerner with the first-ever grant. The grant will go towards programming to help stop bullying and school violence.

Since Zwerner is not teaching at this time, she will be able to use the grant for medical bills.

The foundation originally was working with Richneck Elementary School for the oversight and responsibility of the program, however, they decided to cancel the school’s oversight in January “due to developing circumstances at Richneck Elementary School.”

The date for the official award presentation will be determined by Drews office.

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