NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — Seaview Lofts residents in Newport News are still searching for housing.

The 15-story high-rise building was condemned on July 1. Nearly 200 tenants were given short notice to pack up and move.

10 On Your Side’s Kiahnna Patterson was in the courtroom Tuesday for a status hearing.

Shannon Manning, the Newport News Assistant City Attorney told a judge several repairs are expected to continue throughout the end of the week.

The owner, Ben Weinstein, was not in court and Seaview Loft LLC. attorneys could not give a comment on the issue.

One of the elevators has a cable issue and Manning told the judge that crews are scheduled to repair it by Friday.

The judge said at least one of the two elevators must be up to code. He adds Seaview owes over $142,700 to the city, to cover the hotel costs.

The city stopped paying for resident hotel rooms on July 14.

Delores Adkinson was in the courtroom. She said families are still sleeping in cars. She is disappointed and will not return to the building.

“It’s just not fair, the whole thing is not right,” said Adkinson. “It’s so many things that need to be done in this building, not just the elevator.”

She is saddened by the owner’s actions so far.

“It’s so sad that everyone has to go through this. I’ve never had to experience anything like this in my life,” she said. “What else is going to happen? Who is to say it won’t happen again? Who wants to take that chance? Not me.”

Linda Williams, a 13-year resident, said she did not have to pay rent for the month of July.

“I have somewhere I’m fine, how about for the people that don’t have anywhere to go? They are out here sleeping in cars, living in shelters.”

Williams is hopeful she will get to return home to Seaview soon.