NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – A Newport News family is now restarting their lives from scratch after their mobile home was destroyed in a fire.

Andrea Arana and her boyfriend, Juan, were sleeping when they woke up to the smell of smoke. They say when they came out of the bedroom, their kitchen was in flames and now everything they own is destroyed.

“By the time we were trying to find something to put it out with this whole area was in flames,” said Arana.

Arana says it all happened so fast that they were only able to get out with the clothes on their backs.

“He comes in, and he’s like ‘Andrea we have to go! The windows are breaking, we have to go!’,” said Arana. “Juan kind of like pulled me out and within minutes this is all the damage that happened.”

She says the firefighters were there in less than five minutes, but by the time they got there, everything was gone.

“I cant even explain the feeling you know, seeing your home go up in flames,” said Arana.

Arana says she and her four kids just moved in a few months ago. Thankfully her kids weren’t home when the fire started. She says now her kids just want to know when they can go home.

“They’re asking me ‘Mom, is your home fixed yet?’ and its just hard to explain to them that it’s not that easy,” Arana said.

The couple has a remodeling company and lost all their tools in the fire. Arana says they’re trying to find work so they can save up to find a new place to live.

She says that even though all the material items can be replaced, it’s still difficult to start over.

“Appreciate what you have because it can all be taken away from you in the glimpse of an eye,” said Andrea. “Even though this is a tragedy and we lost everything, It’s all materialistic and hopefully we would be able to replace it one day.”

Andrea said they were “renting to own,” so they didn’t have homeowners insurance on the mobile home.

Andrea has a GoFundMe set up to help start over, CLICK HERE if you’d like to help.