NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — As the first week of summer pushes on, temperatures will only continue to rise in the coming months.

Last week on some days the heat index reached triple digits, making it tough to be anywhere but in the air conditioning. 

This dangerously hot weather particularly targets a vulnerable population — the homeless.

That’s why the Four Oaks Day Service Center is such a valuable resource in Newport News. 

“We’re taking care of people’s lives, so that’s the level of seriousness we need to bring to the job. We need to be as serious as the hospitals, the fire departments, etc, when it comes to what we do,” said the center’s Executive Director, Quincy White.

White says their facility is a safe haven for homeless men, women, and families.

They provide wrap-around services to help connect people to jobs and housing, all the way down to showers and haircuts. 

“If you find a job, we’ll provide you with a bike so you can get back and forth to work,” said White.

While the demand is great in the cold winter months, he says they still help about 60 people a day in the summer. 

“That’s one of the biggest complaints that we have, folks just want to stay hydrated so when folks leave the center at the end of the day we provide a goody bag with water, food, just so folks can sustain themselves until they come back to the center the next day,” stated White.

He says they need the community’s help to keep the community safe.

“There are so many different ways the community can work with us, water bottles, clothing to assist folks in staying cool, hats, things of that nature,” he explained.

He says you can also help by spreading the word about their services.

To make a donation to the Four Oaks Day Services Center, please call 757-975-5201.