NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – Menchville High School in Newport News says it will be implementing additional security measures immediately following a trespassing incident on Friday.

10 On Your Side obtained an email from the principal that was sent out to parents about the incident. The email stated that four girls who attended school in Hampton entered Menchville and spent time in the cafeteria, several classrooms and interacted with MHS students in the halls.

Before the start of MHS’s second lunch period, one of the four girls assaulted a Menchville student after she left class to go to lunch. The four girls then ran out of the school and left in a car parked off campus.

The student assaulted sustained minor injuries and was treated by the school nurse.

A preliminary investigation shows that three of the Hampton students entered the building through the entrance near the main office. Two MHS students opened the door for them because they assumed they were Menchville students.

10 On Your Side obtained another email that Newport News Public Schools sent out to parents which stated that the team is working alongside the police department and school security to address the trespassing incident.

The email continued by saying one of the unauthorized visitors is facing assault charges and that all of the girls will be charged with trespassing and may face additional charges.

A spokesperson for Hampton City Schools confirmed to WAVY that the students involved in this incident are being disciplined.

NNPS students who were involved in the incident will also face consequences based on the Rights & Responsibilities Handbook.

While the investigation continues, the school division leadership team says the following measures will be implemented:

  • Two security officers will be assigned to the front door of the school to check in visitors and monitor students and staff entering and exiting
  • Security protocols will be reviewed with students and faculty
  • The MHS security team will increase hallway coverage and student ID procedures

10 On Your Side is working to learn more information about the trespassing incident, which occurred two weeks after police say a 6-year-old shot his first grade teacher at Richneck Elementary School in Newport News.

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