NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — Tragedy struck following a double murder two months ago at a 7-Eleven on Kiln Creek Parkway in Newport News. 

And despite the number of surveillance pictures and video out there, the suspect hasn’t been caught. 

10 On Your Side reached out to Norman Thomas who wanted to talk about his son, Logan, one of the victims in the fatal shooting. 

Logan Thomas was to be married and had a little boy who is almost six. 

“How much I miss him. Whenever I needed something, he was my go-to guy.” 

“He was a son to me, I knew him when he was born, I gave him his first baby cookie. He used to sit on my piano when he was little and wanted to play,” said Norman’s wife, Marsha. She’s Logan’s stepmother.

At a time like this, Norman and Marsha are filled with faith. 

“GOD is working in our life because he has kept us up. We are going to have our moments, sadness and despair because we loved our child, but we also know God tells us we will see him again.” 

They say faith is the only way they can deal with this tragedy. 

“I went there that night, and I prayed for forgiveness. For the shooter, and for me as well. That guy did a terrible thing that night, and I hope it eats him alive.” 

They also pray for Logan’s friend 52-year-old 7-Eleven owner Preyas Patel who died alongside Logan. 

“If Logan needed something, he was there to offer him a hand, or if he needed an advance on his check, or something, or if he ended time off to do something personally, or if he wanted to work more hours, he would give it to him.”  

“It is a celebration of life. He has a new beginning somewhere else, and we will eventually get there to see him.” 

At this point for Norman and for Marsha, they have each other, they have their family, and most importantly they have their faith, and it is that faith that keeps them going.