NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – With the Warwick High School football team getting set to play their biggest game of the season Saturday, they assembled in the library for a special pep talk from one of their own.

Former Warwick High School, Virginia Tech and NFL quarterback, Michael Vick, spoke with the team Thursday via Zoom. Vick gave the team some important tips to remember while getting ready for the big game.

“Preparation, being ready for your opponent, is probably the easiest path to winning,” explained Vick. “Attitude is everything, preparation is everything. knowing that you guys can only win the game together is gonna be everything.”

Vick also spoke of being a better student, something he says he wished he would have focused on, and that there is more to life than football.

“That was major for the kids, the kids really needed to see someone of his caliber, who has gone on to the NFL, who graduated from Warwick, practiced on the same practice field as them.”

Warwick quarterback Eduardo Rios Jr. has played a big part in the Raiders’ successful season and said he appreciated Vick taking the time to speak to him and his team.

“It felt good, it felt like we needed that speech it gave us more momentum, more encouragement to what we’re doing this season,” explained Rios Jr. “Film and studying our other opponent is really important, and that always be prepared for what’s coming next, even in life or football.”

Vick’s football jersey still hangs in the trophy case at Warwick High and while he has had his troubles off the field, he says he hopes his words are not lost on these young men.

” I want them to understand that football is just a game, but it’s what you do outside of football that characterizes you,” said Vick. “Football is going to come easy, they are in the playoffs, they know what it takes to win. But it’s not just about winning on the field, it’s winning in life.”